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Английский язык для детей и их родителей

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I see a bear. 
I see a hare. 
I see a dog. 
I see a frog.
I see a cat.
I see a bat.

My cat is black, 
My cat is fat. 
I like my cat!
It is my pet!

I love my cat,
It’s warm and fat.
My cat is grey,
It likes to play.

A black cat
Sat on a mat
And ate
A fat rat.

This is a pig,
She likes to dig,
Her name is Pat,
It’s very fat.

I am a hen. 
I am a cock. 
I am a sheep. 
I am a dog.

I am a cow,
I am big.
I am a horse,
And I am quick.

I am a mouse,
You are a cat.
One, two, three,
You catch me!

I have a little dog 
And his name is Jack. 
His head is white 
And his nose is black.

My little doggy
Likes to play,
When I come home
From school each day.

Girls like cats. 
Cats like rats. 
Cats like mice. 
Mice like rice. 
Birds like grain. 
Say it again!

Thank you, monkey!
Thank you, donkey!
Thank you, bear!
Thank you, hare!

Fly, little bird, fly,
Fly into the blue sky.
One, two, three,
You are free.

Kittens play
With dog’s tail.

It’s very funny
How bears like honey!

The elephant
I am big
And I am strong,
And my trunk
Is very long.

A pig has a pigling,
A hen has a chicken,
A duck has a suckling,
A cat has a kitten.

Little bird, little bird,
Look at me!
I have a bird-house,
Come and see!
Little boy, little boy
Under the tree,
I like this house,
Give it to me.

I have a little cat 
And his name is Beep. 
Mew, mew.
I like to play with him.  
But he likes to sleep! 
Mew, mew.

I love all kinds of animals,
Dogs and cats and rabbits,
I love all kinds of animals,
I know their little habits.

«I can hop», says the hare. 
«I can jump», says the bear. 
«I can run», says the dog. 
«I can swim», says the frog.

This is a dog.
That’s a frog.
This is a bear.
That’s a hare.

What’s this?
It’s a rat.
What’s that?
That’s a cat.

This is a big green frog.
That’s a big white dog.
This is a big grey bat.
That’s a big black cat.

Little grey mouse,
Little grey mouse,
Hop, hop, hop!
Little grey mouse,
Little grey mouse,
Stop, stop, stop!

I’m a little grey mouse.
I live in this big house.

I can see a cat,
You can see a bat.
I can see a house,
You can see a mouse.

I’ve got a pet,
I t is a cat.
His name is Fred;
I love my cat.

This is a pig,
She likes to dig.
Her name is Pat,
She is very fat.

I like dogs,
Big and small,
Glad and sad.
But I like best,
When I see,
A dog wag
The tail at me!

Little mouse, little mouse,
Where is your house?
Little cat, little cat,
I’m a poor mouse,
I have no house.
Little mouse, little mouse,
Come to my house.
Little cat, little cat,
I cannot do that.

Two little funny monkeys
Sitting in a tree
Eat yellow bananas
And give a piece to me.

I like dogs. You like frogs. 
Cats are nice. So are mice. 
But I like dogs! 
I like dogs. You like frogs. 
Rats are fun. See them run.
But I like dogs!

What are these?
What are those?
They are sparrows,
They are crows.

A cat went to town to buy a hat
What? A cat with a hat?
A hat for a cat.
Who ever saw a cat with a hat?

Play the lion.
Play the frog. 
Play the bear. 
Play the dog. 
Play the squirrel. 
Play the hedgehog. 
Play the bear. 
Play the dog.
I think mice are rather nice,
Their ears are pink,
Their teeth are white,
They run about the house all night.

Flutter, flutter, butterfly
Floating in the springtime sky,
Floating by for all to see,
Floating by so merrily,
Flutter, flutter, butterfly
Floating in the springtime sky!

"Give me some honey”, says the bear.
"Give me some cabbage”, says the hare.
"Give me some corn”, says the cock.
"Give me some meat”, says the dog.

"I like to ride a donkey”, says Sandy.
"I like to ride a bike”, says Andy.
"I like to ride a pony”, says Fred.
"I like to ride a horse”, says Ted.

"Let’s play tennis”, says the bear.
"Let’s play football”, says the hare.
"Let’s play basketball”, says the frog.
"Let’s play volleyball”, says the dog.

My Cat Pit
I have a cat,
Her name is Pit,
And by the fire
She likes to sit.
Each day I bring her
A dish of milk,
And smooth her coat
That shines like silk.
And on my knee
She likes to sit,
For Pit loves me
And I love Pit.

Creep, little mouse, come along to me,
Come, little mouse, there’s cake for tea.
Creep a little closer, come on, little mouse.
The cat is fast asleep in the corner of the house.

A-hunting we will go,
A-hunting we will go,
We’ll catch a fox
And put him in the box
And then we’ll let him go.

This is a peacock,
That’s a dove.
The peacock I like,
The dove I love.

Moo cow, moo cow,
How do you do, cow?
Very well, thank you,
Moo, moo, moo.

Come along, the sparrow-bird,
And hop and hop like me.
Come along, the elephant,
And walk and walk like me.
Come along, the kangaroo,
And jump and jump like me.
Come along, the golden fish,
And swim and swim like me.

Two little birds
Sitting on a wall,
One called Peter,
One called Paul.
Fly away Peter,
Fly away Paul,
Come back Peter,
Come back Paul.

Ladybird, Ladybird,
Fly away home,
Your house is on fire,
Your children all gone.

Grasshoppers jump,
Caterpillars hump.
Worms wiggle,
Beetles jiggle!

My cat is fat,
My cat is black.
My cat likes rats,
Thin and fat.

My rabbit hops,
My horse clops,
My mouse creeps,
My puppy leaps.

Cock is happy,
Fox is sad.
Cat is pretty,
Wolf is bad.

Buzz, buzz, buzz,
Go the bees in the sun.
Buzz, buzz, buzz,
Making honey is fun.

Swan swam over the sea,
Swim, swan, swim;
Swan swam back again.
Well swum, swan.

I have a pig,
Not very little, not very big,
Not very pink, not very green,
Not very dirty, not very clean.

This little pig went to market,
This little pig stayed at home,
This little pig had roast beef,
This little pig had none,
And this little pig went wee, wee, wee,
All the way home.

Where are you going, my little kittens?
We are going to town to get us some mittens.
What? Mittens for kittens?
Do kittens wear mittens?
Who ever saw little kittens with mittens!

Zog the frog
Wears long blue socks
And eats hot dogs
From an orange box.

Titmouse is very useful.
Titmouse is very good.
You must help it in winter
Giving it some food.

- Where’s the cat?
- It’s on the mat.
- Where’s the frog?
- It’s on the log.
- Where’s the mouse?
- It’s on the house.
- Where’s the fox?
- It’s on the box.

Five little dogs
Are playing by the door;
One runs away
And now there are four.

Today, when I was at the Zoo,
I watched the mother kangaroo.
Inside her skin she has a pocket.
She pots her baby there to rock it. 

Leo, my pet cat,
Goes to bed
In a big white hat.

Good-bye, little birds,
Fly through the sky,
Singing and singing
A merry good-bye.

I like going to the zoo,
To the zoo, to the zoo.
Come with me to the zoo,
To the zoo, to the zoo!

A wise old owl lived in an oak;
The more he saw the less he spoke.
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

Baa baa black sheep
Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,

Butterfly, butterfly,
Where do you fly,
So quick and so high
In the blue, blue sky?

Two little dicky birds
Sitting on a wall.
One named Peter,
One named Paul.
Fly away, Peter,
Fly away, Paul.
Come back, Peter,
Come back, Paul.

Cat, cat, eat that rat!
Dog, dog, catch the frog!
Hen, hen, take my pen!
Cock, cock, break that lock!
Fox, fox, sit in the box!
Fish, fish, jump in the dish!
Ball, ball, jump over the wall!
Bear, bear, give me the pair!


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