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Упражнения к теме "Degree of comparison of adjectives"

1. Образовать степени сравнения прилагательных:

Small, young, thin, thick, tall, fine, new, straight, few, easy, busy, dirty, good, much, bad, little, many.

2. Распределить прилагательные в три колонки по образцу:

   1        2        3
nice nicer nicest

modern; reasonable; many; more; dearer; best; most important; good; worse, high; cheapest; light; less; more polite; higher; dear; most modern; bad; cheap; more important; little; better; important; highest; dearest; polite; worst; lighter; most polite; more modern; most reasonable; cheaper; most reasonable; most; least; lightest.

3. Дать ответы на вопросы по образцу:

Образец: Which is longer: a mile or a kilometer? A mile is. A mile is longer than a kilometer.

Which is longer: an hour or a minute?
Which is higher: a mountain or a hill?
Which is bigger: a ship or a bus?
Which is longer: a sea or a river?
Which is more difficult: to go on foot or to go by train?
Which is more convenient: to ride a horse or to go by Cadillac?

4. Раскрыть скобки в предложениях:

February is (cold) than March.
John Williams is (young) than me.
Lake Baikal is (deep) than this lake.
Peter is (tall) than Boris.
Our flat is (more/less) comfortable than yours.
This dictation is (more/less) difficult than yesterday’s one.
This bird is (more/less) beautiful than ours.
Alex’s wrist-watch is (more/less) expensive than mine.

5. Заполнить пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами:

1. We are bigger ____ GNC, but Satco are ____ biggest in the market.
2. I can see you either day. One day is ____ good ___ the other.
3. Nobody knows more about electronics ___ Tina ___.
4. Of course, I’ll speak to him. It’s the ____ I can do after all your help.
5. Sorry, 5% discount is my best offer. It’s the ___ I can do.
6. He is one of the ____ difficult customers I have ever dealt with.
7. Everyone else had worked a lot longer on the project ____ I ___.
8. I don’t think that this market is ___ risky ___ it was.
9. The restaurants are the same. This one is ___ as expensive ___ that one.
10. This restaurant is better for us. It’s ___ as expensive __ that one.

6. Исправить ошибки в предложениях:

1. Prague has become central Europe’s glamourest city.
2. Most tallest office towers in the world are in Kuala Lumpur.
3. Cleveland is now one of the most cleanest cities in North America.
4. In Buenos Aires foreign bankers are as common than coffee house poets.
5. The London Underground is worst than the Tokyo Underground system.
6. Ireland is not as larger as Sweden.
7. The London Stock Exchange is very older than the Singapore Exchange.
8. Their prices are very high in compared to ours.


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