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Outstanding People of Ukraine

     In the history of humanity there have always been people whose actions and ideas produced a great impact on the lives of other people. They have made a great contribution to the science, culture, social life of this country. That’s why they are called outstanding. The names of Taras Shevchenko, Lessya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Marko Vovchok and Hrygoriy Skovoroda won universal recognition. There’s hardly a country in the world which doesn’t have Taras Shevchenko’s poems translated into its language. Gentle melodies and deep emotions of Lessya Ukrainka’s verses are dear to poetry-lovers throughout the world. Ukraine has also given the  world many outstanding scientists. Such names as Vernandskyi, Zabolotnyi, Bogomolets, Sklifosovskyi, Paton, Filatov are well- known all over the world. Nowadays modern Ukrainian scientists achieved great successes in the field of mathematics, physics, biology and medicine.
    Great contribution to the world’s historical science was made by such prominent Ukrainian historians as Mykola Hrushevskyi, Mykhailo Drago-manov, Dmytro Yavornitskyi, Mykola Kostomarov. The Ukrainian national composer school is connected with the name of Mykola Lysenko


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