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Английский язык для детей и их родителей

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The Country Mouse and the City Mouse

     Once there was a Mouse. She lived in the country. One day her cousin came to see her. Her cousin lived in the city.
     The Country Mouse was very glad to see the City Mouse, and asked her to stay to dinner.
     "Thank you”, said the City Mouse. She took off her hat and coat and helped to put the plates on the table. 
     When dinner was ready, the City Mouse looked at the corn and said, "What a funny dinner! Come to my house. Every day I have a piece of cheese for my dinner”.
     "Thank you very much”, said the Country Mouse. "I’ll come”.
     So the two Mice went to the city.
     When they came to the city they were very hungry.
     "Come to the kitchen”, said the City Mouse, "the Cook made a cake. Here it is. This is better than your corn”.
      They began to eat. Suddenly they beard a terrible noise in the kitchen. ”What’s that?” asked the Country Mouse.
     "That’s the Cat”, answered the City Mouse. "Run!”
     The Mice ran.
     When they were safe, the Country Mouse asked, "Why did you run?”
     "Never stay in the kitchen when the Cat comes”, said the City Mouse,. "Every day she kills many mice. Let us go to the cellar”.
     "Do you smell cheese?” asked the City Mouse.
     "Yes? I smell cheese”, answered the Country Moue.
     "Do not eat it. It is in a trap!” cried the City Mouse.
     "What is a trap?” asked the Country Mouse.
     The City Mouse showed her the trap "The Cook puts a piece of cheese in it”, said the City Mouse, "but if you eat the cheese, something comes down on your head and kills you”.
     The Country Mouse looked at the trap.
     "I shall go home”, she said. "I do not like your house. There is a Cat in the kitchen, and a trap in the cellar. I like my corn better than your cake and cheese”.


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