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Английский язык для детей и их родителей

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One, two,
Green and blue.
Up and down,
Red and brown.

Red and yellow, 
Purple, green and blue. 
I can draw a rainbow, 
I can draw it too.

I have many pencils 
Red and green and blue, 
I can draw a picture 
And give It to you.

Bird is grey, 
Sky is blue, 
Tree is green, 
Grass is green too.

Red and yellow 
White and blue
These beautiful flowers 
Are just for you!

Red, red, red the rose,
Blue, blue, blue the dress,
Grey, grey, grey the rat,
And so is the cat!

Red and yellow
And pink and green,
Purple and orange and blue.
I can sing a rainbow,
Sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, too.

Roses are pink,
Roses are white,
They are red and yellow,
They are always bright.

I know many colours,
I know red and bright,
I know green and yellow,
I know black and white.

The sky is blue and clear,
The sun is red and bright,
The leaves are green an d yellow,
My cat is black and white. 

The grass is green,
The sun is red,
The sky is blue
For me and you. 

Flowers are red,
Flowers are white,
They are blue and yellow,
They are so bright1

The yellow says "wait”,
The red says "stop”,
The green says "go”,
Now, do so!

Pink, yellow, red and grey,
I can sing this song today.
Green, blue, black and white,
I can sing this song tonight.
Orange, purple, brown and blue,
I can sing this song for you.

Red, yellow, 
Pink and white.
Let's play ball 
Day and night!

I see green, I see yellow,
I see that funny fellow.
I see red, I see blue,
I see you and you and you.
I see pink, I see brown,
I stand up and I sit down.
I see white, I see black,
I see this and that and that.

"What is red?”
Asks little Fred.
His sister says,
"My bag is red”.
"What is red?”
Again asks Fred.
His brother says,
"My pen is red”.

Blue is the sea,
Green is the grass,
White are the clouds
When they slowly pass.
Black are the crows,
Brown are the trees,
Red are the sails
Of a ship in the breeze.

Blue and yellow,
Green and red,
My ball is higher
Than my head!

I see pink, I see brown, 
I stand up and I sit down.
I see white, l see black, 
I see this and that, and that.


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