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My flat

     Speaking of our apartment, I want to say that it is rather large. We live in a very good place. Our apartment is located in a twenty-storied tower of flats in the northwest of the city. There is a park with a big pond not far from it. We have a four-room apartment on the sixteenth floor.
     The living room with a window facing the park is quite large. In this room there is a bookcase, a sofa, a table with six chairs around it, and two armchairs there. There is a TV-set, a video-recorder and a tape-recorder in this room. On the walls there are three paintings. A thick carpet covers the floor. We spend every evening in this room. My parents' room is rather small. There are two beds, a dressing table with a mirror and a wardrobe there. On the bedside table there is an alarm clock, an electric lamp and some books.
     I share my room with my elder brother. It is our study as well. We have a lot of books in this room. There are books on the shelves all around the walls. We have two desks. My desk is at the window. The computer is on the desk in the corner of the room. There are two sofas in this room. There are two chairs in our room. My sister's room is the smallest one. Her favourite colour is pink that is why everything in this room is pink. There is a piano in her room but it is black.
     Besides we have a kitchen and a bathroom in our flat. In the kitchen there is a gas stove, a refrigerator, a sink with two taps over it, a cupboard, a table and six stools there. The bathroom is very cosy, too. There is a bath, a washbasin with hot and cold water there. My parents are hospitable. They often invite friends and relatives to our place. And everybody feels at home here.


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