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Английский язык для детей и их родителей

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Моя комната

I can see a window,
I can see a door,
I can see the ceiling,
I can see the floor.

Point to a door.
Point to a TV-set.
Point to a mirror.
Point to a bed.
Point to a chair.
Point to a carpet.
Point to a sofa.
Point to a cupboard.

I see a pen on the desk,
I see a hen at the door,
I see a clock on the bench,
I see a cat on the floor.
A desk, a door, a bench, a floor,
A desk, a door, a bench, a floor.

Tap on the window,
Tap on the floor,
Tap on the table,
Tap on the door.

A closet, a shelf,
A table and a door,
A window, a chair,
A carpet on the floor.

I am at the window,
He is at the door,
She is at the computer,
We are on the floor.

There is a kitchen in the house,
There is a bedroom in the house,
There is a table, a chair, 
An armchair, a sofa, 
A bed, and a TV-set
In the room

I’ve got two eyes
And I can see
A very nice room
In front of me.
I see a window and a door,
I see a ceiling and the floor,
I see a table and a bed,
I see a carpet, it is red.
I see a wardrobe and a shelf,
I like to clean the room myself.

"What a mess! What a mess”, says little Bess.
Why is the cat under the mat?
Why is the fox under the box?
Why is the doll near the wall?
Why is the hare on the chair?
Why is the room in such a mess?
"Because Mother’s out”, says little Bess.

There is a house in the town,
There is a sitting-room in the house,
Fine strong walls,
One, two, three, four,
Windows bright,
A painted door,
Carpets, curtains,
Cushions gay,
Beds and hairs.
We use each day
All these things
As you can see.
Make cosy homes
For you and me.


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