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Упражнения к теме "Usage of much, many, little, few"

1. Вставить в предложения much, many, little, few, a little или a few:

1. He had___English books at home, so he had to go to the library for more books. 2. She gave him___water to wash his hands and face. 3. I'd like to say___words about my journey. 4. After the play everybody felt___tired. 5. Let's stay here___longer: it is such a nice place. 6. There were___new words in the text, and Peter spent___time learning them. 7. There was___hay in the barn, and the children could not play there. 8. There was___water in the river, and they decided to cross it. 9. My mother knows German___and she can help you with the translation of this letter. 10. When we walked___farther down the road, wemet another group of students. 11. Have you got ___ink in your pen? 12. At the conference we met I___people whom we knew well. 13. There are very___old houses left in our street. Most of them have already been pulled down. 14. If you have___spare time, look through this book. You will find___stories there which are rather interesting. 15. There are___things here which I cannot understand. 16. Shall I bring___more chalk? — No, thank you. There is___chalk on the desk. I hope that will be enough for our lesson. a) I need … flower, … sugar, … eggs, … butter and … milk to make a cake.

2. Выбрать правильный вариант ответа:

1. How much/How many pages are there on your website? 
2. Is/Are there many/much banks with a head office in Geneva?
3. Is/Are there many/much traffic in Geneva?
4. How much/how many information have we got about this company?
5. I’m afraid we haven’t got much/many time.
6. We have some/any blue ones in stock, but we don’t have some/any red ones.
7. You can choose some/any colour you want.
8. There is too little/few information to make a decision.
9. The news is on in a few/a little minutes.
10. A few/A little employees have 25 days’ paid holiday.


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