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My Day Off

     When a school-girl I always envied those students who went to school five but not six days a week, as we did. So you may guess, I had the only day off - Sunday. 
     On Sunday, I didn't have to hurry anywhere, that's why, I got up at nine or ten o'clock. I wasn't an early riser. I did my bed, washed myself and went to the kitchen. In the kitchen the table had already been laid and I always had something tasty on Sunday: fried potatoes, meat salad or my favourite apple-pies. 
     After breakfast, if the weather was sunny, I usually didn't stay indoors, I went to see my friends. We often played volleyball or basket-ball in the yard and in winter if there was much snow out-of-doors we went skating and skiing in the woods. 
     But sometimes the day happened to be rainy and gloomy. I preferred to be in watching TV listening to music, reading books, speaking over the phone or just lying on the sofa idling away the time. Some of my classmates could watch all TV-program from morning till night, but I think it's rather boring, and I always felt sorry for those TV-addicts. It's much more interesting to play a game of chess with your grandfather, or help your mother about the house, or argue with your father about the latest events at home and abroad. 
     In the evening, when all the family were together, we had some tea with a cake or biscuits, we listened to my younger sister playing the piano, sometimes we sang folk songs. 
     Every Sunday, when I went to bed, I was thinking that the day had flashed past and the next week would bring new problems and their solution.


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