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Английский язык для детей и их родителей

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Упражнения к теме "Plurals"

1. Поставить существительные во множественном числе:

A pen, a class, a story, a road, a day, a cat, a bush, a desk, a table, a plate, a fox, a room, a lady, a knife, a chair, a bus, a Negro, a match, a way, a house, a family, a flag, a town, a wolf, a country, a lion, a park, a play.

2. Поставить словосочетания во множественном числе:

This magazine, that sticker, this stamp, that sandwich, this poster, this teacup, this egg, that wall, that picture, this foot, that mountain, this lady, that window, this man, that match, this knife.

3. Поставить существительные во множественном числе:

A baby, a plant, a lemon, a peach, a banana, a brush, a star, a mountain, a tree, a shilling, a king, the waiter, the queen, a man, the man, a woman, the woman, an eye, a shelf, a box, the city, a boy, a goose, the watch, a mouse, a dress, a toy, the sheep, a tooth, a child, the ox, a deer, the life, a tomato.

4. Записать предложения во множественном числе:
This is a spider. That is a snail. This is a space film. That is a cartoon. This is a star. This is a boy. This is a baby. That is a plate. That is a flower. That is a bookshelf. Is this a sofa? Is this a bookcase? Is this a man? Is that a ball? Is that a train? Is that a plane? Is the window open? Is the door closed? Is the boy near the window? That is not a king. That is not a queen. That is not a bus. This isn't a mountain. That isn't a goose. This isn't a mouse. It is a sheep. It is a cigarette. It is a cat. It is not a girl. It isn't a bag. It isn't a tree. It is not a bad egg. It is a good egg. Is that a flower? This hotel is very expensive but it's very nice. There is a children's playground in the park. That is a new supermarket in our town. It's a delicious lemon pie for dessert. It's a nice cotton dress for my niece. This man is an engineer. That woman is my sister. This child is my son.


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