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Ivan Franko

     One of the innovators of all genres of literature was Ivan Franko. He raised the post-Shevchenko Ukrainian poetry of the late 19th and early 20th century to new heights. He did the same in prose. We always remember the volume of poetry «Heights and Depths», the novel «Boryslav is laughing», the drama «Stolen Happiness», etc. He devoted much attention to translations from foreign languages. His merits as a thinker and scholar were great in many fields: the history and theory of literature, folklore, political economy, history, ethnography.
     Ivan Franko is an talented figure not only for the Ukrainian nation but for all humanity. He was the greatest of Ukrainian classical authors. In his stories, poems and plays he wrote about real people, men and women whom he knew.
    Today the memory of the great Ukrainian classic is honoured by his countrymen throughout our land. His works are read and translated all over the world. They have been published in 19 languages.
    The nature of Franko’s works can be understood by quoting his own words: «I consider it’s my duty to dedicate my life’s work to the common people. I learned two Rules of life at a very early age: the first, a sense of duty to the people, the second, the necessity for constant work».


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